Millionaire Outrages People By Slapping Model’s Bums On Private Yacht

An Italian millionaire has caused outrage on social media after uploading a video of him smacking the bums of bikini clad models on his private yacht.



Gianluca Vacchi posted the outrageous clip on Instagram, which showed him having a little dance around the deck with some beautiful looking women.

The heavily-tattooed 52-year-old can be seen climbing down steps before being met by the models who are all bending over for him.




He starts to slap their bum cheeks one by one before grabbing one for a dance. The clip, which has been viewed millions of times on Instagram has been congratulated by some.

However the clip has not impressed everybody.




People got into a debate about the morality of the video. Some have commented on the clip claiming it is misogynistic. But some says that the girls involved are consenting adults and that if they are happy then nobody should be bothered.