Scary moment dog bites at woman through cracked car window

When dog lover Naryia Hudson approached a stranger’s parked car at a Walmart in Washington state, she got the scare of a lifetime.



This is the terrifying moment a ferocious dog lunges through a cracked car window to bite at a woman passing by.

In the footage, the pooch can be heard barking as the woman approaches the car.




Ms Hudson tries to calm the dog by cooing “hi” but all of a sudden she is face-to-face with a mouth full of bared teeth.

Taking to Twitter, she shared the video of the terrifying encounter.

She added: “My obsession with dogs will get me killed someday.”

The clip has been watched more than one million times since it was uploaded on Tuesday.




Ms Hudson said the car was parked outside of Walmart for thirty minutes with the windows rolled down low. She explained: “Dogs aren’t just born vicious. It’s learned behaviour, abuse, or abandonment from their owners!”