Fishing trip goes wrong after unexpected shark bite

A chaotic video posted to Facebook this week proves Outer Banks sharks are still dangerous even out of the water.



Charter boat Capt. Rick Caton learned that Tuesday, when he pulled a shark aboard his boat off Cape Hatteras, only to watch it instantly clamp down on his calf.

The video captures the moment vividly, showing the stoic Caton going from seasoned angler to screaming bite victim in a split second. “It got me, it got me,” he screams. “Get me a knife. Get me a knife.”




Four men are seen scrambling to help, and one quickly finds a knife. Caton then uses it to stab the flopping shark.

That distracted the predator just long enough to get his leg free. However, Caton is then heard screaming yet again, when a seasoned sailor aboard hands him a bottle of Clorox bleach to pour over the bleeding wound.




Caton got seven stitches and was out on the water the next day, according to the Virginian-Pilot.