Groom Gets So Smashed At Wedding His Mother-In-Law Has To Feed Him

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the most memorable days of your life.



However, the occasion is also packed with nerves and exuberance, which can lead to plenty of drinking… which can in turn make these precious memories a little hazy.

One groom in Scotland found this out the hard way, getting so smashed that he had to be hand fed by his mother-in-law.




A video from the wedding shows him looking extremely worse for wear as his seemingly unimpressed mother-in-law shoves food into his mouth.

But while the footage might lead you to conclude that the wedding was a total disaster, this was far from the case. Despite evidently being a ‘total mess’ at this stage, the ceremony and the speeches all went smoothly and – with assistance from his best man – he was able to make a miraculous recovery and dance until the very end of the night.




Better still, with the wedding day being salvaged from the brink of drunken oblivion, the groom said his wife has been able to see the funny side of it all.