Biker flips over the handlebars and smashes headfirst into a wall

Shocking video shows a biker careen headfirst into a wall before front-flipping over the handlebars. The CCTV footage, taken in Kerala, India, shows a man in an orange shirt seated on a stationary bike.





Suddenly, as if from nowhere, another bike comes speeding up behind him. The man on the second bike, who appears to be wearing jeans and a shirt rather than protective leather bike gear, hits the wall head-on. He then flies forward in a 180 degree somersault before falling to the ground.



The driver was luckily unhurt in the crash, which happened near to the Mahatma Gandhi University in Kottayam in October last year. Incredibly, he jumps straight back to his feet and appears to signal he is fine.



Video footage of the smash has been posted online, with many people using it as a way of highlighting the importance of wearing a helmet.



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