Taxi passenger captures a shocking fight with biker

An irate taxi driver furious at a cyclist who kicked his vehicle leapt out of the car to push his tormentor off his bike only to have to beat a hasty retreat when his pants fell down. In the video the heavily-built cabbie runs across the street to launch himself at the bearded cyclist on the other side of the road, hurling him off the bike and onto the pavement.





But even as his victim is airborne, the taxi driver suffers a catastrophic wardrobe malfunction and his blue shorts slip from his waist revealing he seems not to be wearing any underwear. As the videos unfold the cyclist and the driver can be seen exchanging words as the rider holds his cycling mask up over his face and glances between the driver and his passengers. Then the cyclist comes past the cabbie on the passenger side, close to the pavement.



As he passes the front door delivers a hard kick to the side of the vehicle. The rider circles around the front of the cab, which is stuck in stationary traffic, and heads back down the other side of the street. So the driver leaps out of his car and runs across the street, barely slowing before making contact with the cyclist with both hands, sending him flying backwards.



But in his outrage the driver loses his shorts and has to hastily grab them from around his knees before yanking them back up. In a later video the angry cyclist runs back over to the cab and kicks the door, which the cabbie has positioned between himself and the angry rider. The pair can then be seen pushing and shoving at each other in what the Twitter user who posted the video described as ‘Quick scrap and no one badly injured’.



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