Beach Forced To Close After ‘17-Foot’ Great White Shark Brushes Against Family Boat

Even the smallest of sharks can put fear in you, so imagine how this family felt when something swam past them that was almost as big as their 22-foot boat.



Siblings Sean and Serena Colbert were out on the water with their cousin Mallory Fey in Cape Cod Bay, Massachusetts, last Friday.

They were about halfway back from Provincetown on their boat when they looked into the water and spotted a ginormous shark swimming alongside.




The shark swam around for several minutes, giving Serena, Sean and Mallory enough time to not only get a good look at the beast, but also capture it on camera.

“It definitely wasn’t scared of us,” Serena told WBZ.

“Seeing it on TV you don’t realize how massive and quick it is,” Sean said.




In fact, Sean must be really pinching himself right now, as he was just about to take a dip in the water when they first spotted the dorsal fin. NO THANKS.