Mom Stops Sadist Priest Violently Dunking One-Year-Old Baby During Baptism

A priest has been suspended for a year after a video went viral of him baptising a baby in what has been described as a ‘sadistic’ and ‘violent’ manner.



The disturbing footage shows the Russian Orthodox Priest Fotiy Necheporenko forcefully and repeatedly submerging the naked one-year-old boy into water in the font while the child and her mother scream in terror.

The frightened child was scratched and bruised on his neck and shoulder from the ordeal, photos show.




His horrified mother, Anastasia Alexeeva, 24, tried to intervene to grab back her child from the priest, but the 55-year-old priest refused, and her headscarf almost caught fire on a candle.

“The baby has scratches on his shoulder and neck,” she said. “He is afraid of everything now. He is in panic and hysteria.”

Before he was suspended, the priest strongly defended himself.




They have launched an investigation in to the incident, with church authorities intervening. They have banned the priest from conducting services for a year. He was also summoned to explain himself to the church authorities.