Tourist Arrested In Bali After Karate Kicking Man Off A Moving Scooter

Australians have a pretty bad reputation when they go to Bali, mainly because they’ve been flocking there in droves for decades and causing a ruckus.



While there are some who disrespect local customs and break loads of rules, they’re nothing compared to this bloke who got so rip-roaring drunk he did something really stupid.

Video footage has captured Nicholas Carr running in the middle of a road before fly-kicking a person on a moped, causing them to crash onto the ground.




The Adelaide man was then filmed throwing himself onto an oncoming car, which bounced him off the bonnet like a rag-doll.

Unsurprisingly, Carr had no recollection of the evening’s events and insists he hadn’t been taking illegal drugs – that he knows of.




Speaking from his jail cell in Kuta, the Aussie bloke said: “We drank vodka in our hotel room before we went out, then drank cocktails and drank more vodka after that.