Driver Realizes Too Late That Driving Into This Soccer Ball Statue Was A Very Bad Idea

A driver thought they could boot this soccer ball with their car but it was a very solid statue.



Shocking video footage shows the moment a driver careens into an over-sized football statue.

The clip, taken in Volgograd, Russian, shows a black car charging towards the black-and-white ball as it perches on a tiered base.

The car demolishes the statue, dedicated to the 2018 World Cup, sending pieces flying into the road.




A cloud of dust and debris is illuminated by the car’s headlights.

The 34-year-old driver and his 33-year-old passenger were both injured and were treated in hospital.

Footage shows a white car pulling up next to the grassy verge to survey the carnage.




As the car drives away, what looks to be an ambulance approaches. The video then cuts to show more emergency vehicles arriving.

A tow truck then removes the car before a tractor takes the broken statue away.