Drunk-Driver Tries To Eat His License As Cops Pull Him Over!

A suspected drink-driver tries to eat his driving license in front of cops who pulled him over before stuffing it down his trousers.



The incident took place in the city of Cherepovets located in the north-western Russian region of Vologda Oblast when the suspected drink-driver was reportedly spotted staggering along the road before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle.

As seen in the footage, while he was in the patrol car, the unnamed man tried to eat his driving licence before concealing it in his underwear.

One of the unimpressed cops told him: “Do not forget to swallow!”




According to reports, the police officers saw the suspect staggering along the street with an inebriated woman.

He then reportedly got behind the wheel of a car and started to drive off.

The cops stopped the vehicle at the nearest intersection and asked to see the man’s documents.

When he was called to sit in the patrol car, the suspected drink-driver tried to eat his licence but found the plastic item a little too chewy so he eventually ended up stuffing it down his pants.




Reports said that he was taken to a clinic to undergo tests, but refused to cooperate.

The police seized his car and charged the suspect, who is now expected to receive a driving ban, according to local media.