You Could See This Father’s Soul Leave His Body When His Baby Girl Did This!

A trending video of a father’s reaction when he saw his little, adorable daughter twerk got people talking.



The man was in a happy mood while dancing with his young daughter, he was enjoying it initially until things took a different shape when the little girl started twerking.

Others were amazed, while some wondered how they would have handled if it they were the girl’s father.




In the video, the father can be seen starting a dance showdown with his daughter. The child then went along with her father and showed him some moves.

It was all fun and games until the child put her hands on the floor and twerked in front of her father.

The confused father then stops dancing. The look of shock was evident on his face as he walks away from his daughter.




A woman, probably the child’s mother, can be heard laughing in the background as the poor father process what’s happening in front of him.