Grandma Accidentally Ate Her Grandson’s Cannabis Edibles & Here’s How It Played Out!

A grandmother got more than she bargained for when she helped herself to a snack as it turned out to be one of her grandson’s cannabis edibles.



Any other member of the family might have been outraged to discover they’d accidentally got high as a result of their grandson but this particular woman decided to go with flow and enjoy the experience.

Of course, she might have scolded her grandson afterwards but by that point he already had evidence of how much fun she’d had.




The video has the simple caption ‘my grandma ate my edibles I’m crying’.

It’s not clear exactly what kind of food the weed had been mixed in to – if the grandson had been doing some home cooking and come up with brownies or cookies I wouldn’t blame his grandmother for sneaking a bite for herself, oblivious to the ingredients inside.




The point is, presumably the grandma thought the food was drug-free. As it started to work its magic the older woman was filmed attempting to get her hands on a glass of water and, when she eventually managed to lift it from the cup holder, she grasped it like a toddler with a beaker and started swaying back and forth and singing.