Black Man Stopped By Police For ‘Looking Suspicious’ To White Woman

A Facebook Live stream of police officers in Royal Oak, Michigan, questioning a black man for reportedly ‘looking suspiciously’ at a white woman has gone viral.



The footage, taken by Royal Oak resident Kimiko Adolph, shows 20-year-old Devin Myers being questioned by multiple police officers who surrounded him and would not allow him to continue on his way.

According to Adolph, Myers had been on his way to get food when a white woman – dubbed ‘Sidewalk Annie’ – called police officers he had been looking at her suspiciously. This woman had reportedly been sat in a white car across the street as the incident unfolded.




While filming the incident, Adolph narrated the events she had witnessed:

“He has been pulled over walking to go to eat for suspicion of being black and looking at the Caucasian woman. They got him surrounded. So I’m not going to leave the brother out here.”

In the video, Myers can be heard telling the officers he had been heading to the Inn Season Cafe to meet his girlfriend when the accusation was made.




Inn Season Cafe manager Erin Frey stayed by Myers’ side throughout his ordeal, repeatedly telling officers their response to the situation had been inappropriate.