Bare Knuckled Boxer’s Punch Forces Opponent Straight Into Retirement

Bare knuckle boxer Johnavan Vistante has been forced into retirement by a brutal right hook from his opponent, Kaleb Harris.



29-year-old Hawaiian fighter Vistante – known to fans as ‘The Island Wolf’ – was left sprawling on the canvas after a savage knockout from Harris in Biloxi, Mississippi, just 51 seconds into the second.




Vistante had gone for the uppercut, however he had unfortunately left himself open to an attack from Harris, 25, who took full advantage of his opponent’s vulnerability. Harris floored Vistante by landing a single blow to the chops, ultimately forcing him to retire from the sport altogether.

The ref called off the fight while Vistante was still falling, frantically calling upon medics to attend to the injured fighter.




Medics could then be seen tending to Vistante, applying what appeared to be an ice pack to the back of his neck.

Following his victory at Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 7, Harris, of Mississippi, currently holds a record of 1-1.