Stunning Beach Closed After Tourist Spotted Burying Used Diaper In The Sand

The 100-metre section of Boracay beach was closed off for a 3-day clean up after a tourist allegedly burying a used diaper in the sand.



The eye witnesses said the perpetrators were Chinese tourists who had total disregard for others on the beach.




In the video, which was first uploaded to Twitter, one Chinese woman in black can be seen aiding a female toddler in relieving herself in shallow water. Then the camera quickly pans to another Chinese woman in pink, who is taking a diaper in which the toddler had defecated and is digging a shallow grave for it in the beach’s white sand.

Authorities are now attempting to locate the tourists in the video and file charges for the violation of an environment ordinance.




Boracay beach was just recently undergone cleanup and was shut down for almost a year. In 2018, Philippines President Duterte called the island a “cesspool” and needed to be cleaned up.