Video Captures Moment Man Is Struck By Lightning!

A teacher was heading to his car in the middle of a storm when he felt a shock as lightning struck the ground where he was walking.



Guidance counsellor Romulus McNeill was getting ready to head home from the Academy for Technology and Academics in Conway, South Carolina earlier this week when storms began to roll in to the area.

According to WMBF News the teacher actually thought ‘I hope I don’t get struck by lightning’ as he ventured out, however he must have jinxed himself because the bolt came blasting down as he made his way along a path.




In the video, the bright flash of electricity could be seen hitting the ground, causing the guidance counsellor to jump and drop his umbrella on the ground.

The surprised man swiftly ducked to pick up his umbrella before jogging off towards the car park, no doubt hoping to escape any further blasts from the sky.




On Facebook, McNeill said he didn’t suffer any major injuries from the experience, which he described as ‘crazy’.