Guy Spikes Chip With Ecstasy Tablet Then Feeds It To Seagull

In a pretty disgusting act, a guy appears to have spiked a seagull with a pill.



It’s not known who the person in the video actually is, but it was shared on a Twitter account which then, obviously, got a load of backlash fired at it.

The video shows the man filming himself while sat on a bench. He puts a pill of some sort – assumed to be ecstasy – in to a chip, saying ‘have some’ and then throwing it into a flock of seagulls.

You can hear his mates laughing in the background as the seagulls fight over the chip.




The video was uploaded with caption: “Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ahahaha.”

The clip, which emerged on social media on August 6, is believed to have been filmed somewhere in Newcastle.

People were not happy with the video, which in all fairness is pretty harsh.




The Twitter user who shared the video then told someone it wasn’t him, saying: “Here man you big whoppa you can clearly see it’s a screen record from Facebook bet the c*** had the time of its life anyways.”