Alligator Spotted Climbing Fence In Florida

Run for your lives! Alligators can now climb fences.



A home window, a Chicago lagoon, and now a Florida fence have all faced off against gators and lost.

An alligator was witnessed scaling a chain-link fence at a naval air station in Jacksonville, Florida, over the weekend, a report said.




The gator was spotted by resident Christina Stewart, who posted video of the beast climbing the fence on Facebook, according to local television station WTVM.

“When someone says there is an alligator on base, of course, I have to go see,” Stewart wrote.

“Glad I did, got to watch him or her crawl over the gate and disappear. So neat.”




While the clip may seem shocking to some, the Naval Air Station doesn’t seem too worried about the surprisingly agile animal. The facility told WJAX-TV that they don’t plan to remove the gator in this video, or any other alligator around the station, unless the reptile becomes a danger to humans in the area.