German Theme Park Forced To Shut Down New Ride Because It Looks Like Flying Swastikas

Everyone loves amusement parks. Whether you enjoy the rides, the food or just the atmosphere of people having a bloody good day out, they’re really good fun.



Of course, there’s always at least one ride that leaves you nervous and questioning your judgement in the queue. However, one theme park in Germany has maybe taken that a little too far – it’s come under fire after a video showed one of the rides unfortunately resembled a giant, swirling swastika.




According to, the Eagle Fly was only just recently added to the Tatzmania in Löffingen, in Germany’s Black Forest area.

However, it was only when a video of the ride was posted online that people started noticing an uncomfortable resemblance to the symbol – best known as a sinister emblem of the German Nazi forces in the early 20th century.




The first person to notice the design flaw was actually the amusement park owner Rüdiger Braun.

Braun said that he wanted to ‘apologise to anyone who feels disturbed or offended by our design’ and that he’d be making sure no rides in the future look like this or any other Nazi symbol.