Man Soaked With Fire Extinguisher After Refusing To Stop Smoking At Petrol Station

A petrol station worker picks up a fire extinguisher and sprays a man who lights up a cigarette next to the fuel pumps.



The shirtless customer with the surname Li, who reportedly had been drinking, left the station attendant no choice by to take matters into her own hands.

CCTV footage from the city of Tianmen in China’s central Hubei Province shows Li, 66, parked next to the petrol pumps earlier this month.




According to reports, he arrived drunk and tried to buy petrol for his pedicab, but his request was refused when he was unable to produce his identity card, which are required in some Chinese cities.

The stubborn suspect refused to leave and reportedly lit up a cigarette on the spot.

After multiple warnings, the member of staff decided enough was enough and blasted the fire extinguisher in Li’s face, covering him in a cloud of mist.




Reports say Li was later detained for endangering public safety after driving away from the scene.