Bear Keep Stealing His Honey So He Turns Them Into Honey Tasters

9 out of 10 bears recommended this honey.



Ibrahim Sedef, a beekeeper from Turkey’s northeastern province of Trabzon, tried everything to keep bears away from his beehives, according to NTV.

He first got steel cages installed. Bears toppled the cages over.

He tried to reinforce them with cement, bears dig the soil around and under the cages.




He placed some of the hives on top of his shed, out of the bears’ reach. The bears climb the trees and reach the hives on the shed, have a feast then slide down the trees just like firefighters

Ibrahim Sedef gave up and said:

“After all the trouble they went through by climbing that tree, I’ll just let them. I promise, from now on I will feed them. In spite of what happened, when I watch the recorded moments, I forget all the damage they caused me and I love them.”




Sedef decided to turn them into honey tasters. Bears love Anzer honey and ignore cherry blossom honey.