Man Uses Dead Pigeon As Weapon During Street Fight

The two men, who appear to have been drinking, square up to each other outside McDonald’s, with ‘Mambo no.5’ playing in the background.



A late night street fight took a bizarre and unexpected turn when one of the combatants picked up a dead pigeon and threw it at his opponent.

Luckily for us, the incident – which took place outside a McDonald’s restaurant in Liverpool – was caught on camera. Footage shows the two men engaging in a set-to that seemed as if it was nearly over before one of the men grabbed a dead bird off the floor and hurled it at the other.




Basically, the two men – who it can be safely assumed were under the influence of alcohol – were fighting, while a more level-headed friend tried to drag one of them away from the conflict.

In the clip, as the friend tries to diffuse the situation by dragging his scrapping pal away from the confrontation, his mate – being followed at this stage by his aggressor – picks up the unfortunate dead creature from the pavement and chucks it at the other man.

What a strange thing to do.




Fortunately for the man in question – and indeed those who wanted no further fighting to take place – the deceased bird flies (for the last time, RIP) over his shoulder and plops onto the floor.