Hyena Gets Nasty Surprise After Sticking Its Head Up a Dead Elephant’s Butt

Carnivorous scavengers have it tough. While the hunters risk life and limb for their next meal, scavengers have it worse whenever they’re chased off by superior predators defending their kill just to feast on leftovers.

Warning: contains disgusting images

But some get lucky and chance upon a carcass untouched and free of other carnivores, or maybe not.
A hyena was quite fortunate enough to freely feast on a carcass of a large elephant. The scavengers started picking away from the pachyderm’s rear end by sticking its head up the bumhole and ripping off flesh from the inside.

Hyena Butt Meal

But then disaster struck after the hungry hyena tore off the line of the elephant’s anus, releasing nasty decomposition gasses.

Butt Revenge

What a way to ruin an appetite.

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