‘Leaked Video’ Shows the Moment a Lion Took Sweet Revenge on Trophy Hunter

Trophy hunting is a rich people hobby that’s absolutely disgusting to say the least, so watching a lion take revenge is poetic justice.

According to the video uploader, Jayden Tanner, he managed to get his hands on the clip after a hunter showed it to him during visit to South Africa. It shows a female trophy hunter filming herself and one other companion over her kill.

Trophy Hunter

But from the distance, another lion can be seen in the shot. It ran towards them, with the footage ending with the lion about to pounce on the hunter.

The sad part is thousands of endangered and exotic animals die each year from poaching. These animals are bred for the sole purpose of being hunted down by rich tourists who are willing to pay up to $35,000 to hunt and kill a lion.

Lion Revenge

Fake or not, the message is clear: stop trophy hunting.

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