Waking Up to Find a Ladyboy in Your Bed Prank

You come home from a night of drinking in the streets of Bangkok and pass out from intoxication. You wake up to find your girlfriend asking for another round of intimacy, but you suddenly realize she isn’t you’re girlfriend. After a few seconds of consciousness, you’re thrown in a tornado of confusion and realize it’s a ladyboy that you went home with. Yes, this is the stuff of nightmares for every single straight guy out there.

A couple spent their last night in Bangkok and went out to party the night away. As soon as they got back to the hotel, the guy passes out from intoxication. His girlfriend then decided to go to Khaosan Road just outside their hotel and saw ladyboys hanging out on the street. This is when she got an idea to prank her boyfriend.



She takes one ladyboy and goes back to her hotel room. She hides in the closet as she lets the ladyboy wake her boyfriend up. This is where the nightmare begins.

Ladyboy Confusion


His girlfriend is so sweet to prank him boyfriend this way.

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