Hallucinating Woman Fights With Police Officers After She Drags Two Of Her Kids To A Ledge

Police in Delray Beach, Florida, released bodycam footage of officers rescuing two small children from a dangerous ledge. They had been dragged onto the wet surface by a woman who appeared to be hallucinating at the time.

The video shows a woman in Florida who dragged her two children onto the ledge their house. Police officers responded immediately to the scene, but upon confronting the woman she refused to co-operate.

Police Save Her Children

According to reports, she was suffering from hallucinations at the time of the incident and did not seem to recognize the officers when they arrived. Officers had to show the woman their badge to get her trust and have the children off the ledge and into safety.

Police Confront The Hallucinating Woman

The identity of the woman and her children have not yet been released.

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