Thai Man Has Unexpected Fist-Fight With A Monkey In Bizarre Viral Video

A surreal fight between a monkey and a man broke out after the animal urinated on the seat of his motorbike. The embarrassed biker’s group of friends filmed the scene laughing in hysterics as the disgusted man went up to confront the cheeky chimp.

The owner throws his shoe at the creature after the monkey decided to take bites out of the bike’s seat. The enraged monkey leaps off the bike and flies at the man in a fit of fury.

Man Fights Monkey

A mad brawl then ensued between the two, who both roll around in the dirt in an epic fistfight. The fight escalates as the man throws punches and kicks the monkey, who refuses to give up the fight.
The pair then resorts to flinging mud at each other.

Monkey Flees

The monkey finally surrenders once the wrestling match ends up in a river – and the primate runs off.

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