Cat Meows In Terror As It Clings On Top Of SUV Going 60MPH

A cat was filmed meowing as it clung to the roof of a van hurtling down the motorway at 60mph. The roof surfing feline was caught on camera on top of the burgundy motor as it raced down an interstate near Omaha in the US state of Nebraska.

Ronda Rankin filmed the motorway moggie as she and her family drove past the van last Friday. Its grey and white fur could be seen being buffeted about by the breeze as it flew down the freeway, somehow clinging on to the people carrier.

Cat Takes Ride On Car

She said her daughter spotted the terrified animal while the family was on their travels through the Midwestern state.

The van then pulled over, with the Rankins losing sight of it. They are unsure what happened next, but hope the cat survived its terrifying ride.

Cat Takes Highspeed Ride

The Fast and the Furry.

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