Man Trolls Cop Who Falsely Arrested Him! “It Seems Like You Don’t Adhere To Policy”

During 2016, this man was falsely arrested by a rookie police officer. Years later, this activist sees her in the courthouse and thought it would be a good idea to record this hilarious exchange.

The man opens up to a live video inside the Indian River County courthouse. First, he asks the lieutenant on duty if it was ok for him to record, which he promptly replies, “You are it’s a public area” — He then proceeds to ask him if it’s allowed to record an officer that he didn’t like, which he then points to court police, Lacy Thomas.

He then expands on their colorful history of him being falsely arrested by the officer for being confused with being a black man.

Man Trolls Officer

He asks officer Lacy for any comments on the corruption of their own sheriff office and asks if she wants to apologize for the prior false arrest. The activist then goes on to comment on how the officer continually fails to follow policy.

Officer Approves Of Recording

Just watch as this hilarious trolls the police officers while still tackling some serious issues within his county.

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