Cop Has the Ultimate Comeback to Sketchy Dude’s Harassment

Backfire! You have to pick your battles there, buddy.



The video, taken by the man, shows the street as he walks. He spots cops unloading bicycle from their car. According to him, it looks like a homeless person’s bike.

The man can be heard mocking the cops’ weight even when he himself sounds out of breath just walking slowly.


Police officer puts loser in his place


Once the bike is inside some stock room, the man can be heard talking to the female cops. “You got yourselves another bicycle huh.”

The other female cop standing near the man then turns around to answer him, but it’s not about the bike. She talks about a poster of the man on a school. She says the picture stated that he was a registered s3x offender.


Cop Has the Ultimate Comeback to Sketchy Dude's Harassment


Now that was savage the man can’t come up with a good comeback. I’m not sure if it’s real though.

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