Girl Spends Half An Hour Crying Over One-Legged Goose, Until This Happened

Tori J Hanlin from Kansas City, Missouri, spent half an hour crying in her car when she spotted a one-legged goose and recorded the whole thing.

The video starts out with her filming a goose, who apparently only has one leg walking in an empty parking lot. Tears can be seen running down her cheeks as she explains how heart-broken she is over the situation of the poor goose.

“I was just being a crybaby that day and I’ve never seen a goose with one leg”, Tori explains in a post.

One Legged Goose

The waterworks continue until she realizes the goose is perfectly fine and only hid one of its legs in its stomach. In a total act of betrayal, the girl rants about the goose having its two legs the whole time and declares she never wants to see a goose in her life ever again.

Girl Cries Over Goose

Watch the whole thing unfold above.

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