This Guy’s Whitehead Removal Technique Freaks Everyone Out

What is our obsession with pimple porn? It’s the epicenter of disgusting. The definition of revolting. Yet we can’t look away.

This video is just one of many, one of the millions out there on the internet, and while it isn’t a sebaceous cyst with a three-inch circumference being sliced into by a metal scalpel, it certainly fills the need within us all for pimple porn.

Although only short, the video shows a young man’s own technique for the mass removal of blackheads.

Guy Has Intense Blackhead Popping Technique

In just ten seconds we watch as our young hero, known as Jacob Acosta, looks into the lens of the camera before proceeding to push his nose upwards.

And so he pushes, pressing with enormous pressure at the bottom of his nose in an upward movement, until eventually. Hallelujah! The pus seeps through the pores like grated cheddar cheese.

It Looks Like Grated Cheese

I don’t know what to feel about this video.

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