Suspected burglar kicked and punched in the head after he was caught red-handed

A horrifying video has emerged which appears to show a suspected burglar kicked and punched in the head after he was caught red-handed. The enraged resident in Durham knocks the man to the ground with a single blow, kicks him twice in the head, and then throws him out of the property before delivering further blows. The suspected burglar pathetically mumbles ‘I’m sorry’ as he lies helpless at the man’s feet with an obvious wound to the back of his head.





The 40-second clip was posted online with the caption: ‘Sted heads gone wild. Sorry there’s only one t*t on show.’The footage begins with a man wearing grey jogging bottoms, a khaki top and baseball cap opening a gate at the back of a property. The man kicks the wooden gate open, and a man wearing a blue polo shirt can be seen standing frozen in front of a door. The man in the baseball cap walks straight up to him and lands a violent punch to the man’s head, causing him to instantly drop to the ground.



Within seconds, the attacker violently kicks the man on the ground in the head and then in the chest before saying: ‘F*** off. Get up and f*** off, c***.’ The man in the cap then grabs the man on the ground by his top and drags him along the concrete floor, tripping over him as he tries to pull him out of the gate. A sickening thud can be heard as the man on the ground’s head slams into the wooden gate, while the man in the cap grabs the man by the top of his trousers.



He picks him up and throws him head first out of the property, and the man in the cap can be heard saying: ‘Get out, I’m f******* telling ya. Get the f*** off away from me now.’ As the man lies on the ground with his top pulled up and his trousers pulled down slightly, the other man can be heard saying: ‘Get up and f*** off. Get up.’ The man on the ground appears to have an open wound on the top of his head while he lies there and can be heard saying: ‘I’m sorry.’ However, before he can the man in the cap brutally kicks him hard in the stomach and then in the face, sending the man’s head lolling backwards. The disorientated man can be heard saying: ‘Right, right, I’m sorry.’ The clip ends with the man trying to get up, before it flicks to a shot of a messenger app.



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