300 Pound Man Lands A Trick Most Can’t!

Some lean athletes don’t even have this much physical skill.



The heaviest no hand backflip is captured in this video. The man weights around 300 pounds and he can perform a no hand backflip.


300 Pound Man Lands A Trick Most Can't!


A video showing a heavyset man performing a backflip has racked up thousands of views online.

At the start of the clip, the man can be seen standing on a parking lot. He can be seen somewhat stretching his leg, a friend can be heard telling him to make him proud. Several voices can be heard in background, so his friends probably gathered to watch his stunt.


300 pound back flip (no hands)


Wearing a blue shirt and a pair of pants, he runs on the pavement, does a round-off, then lands the backflip. Friends cheered for him afterwards. What’s more impressive is doing the stunt on a concrete pavement where an impact would be dangerous if he fail. Grassy ground would be a safer choice.

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