They Just Lost Their Friend To Suicide, Perform The Most Powerful Ha-Ka That I’ve Ever Seen In His Honour

A raw and emotional haka performed as a tribute at a 17-year-old’s funeral last year has now gone around the world after being posted on YouTube.

A video of a haka for Rihari at his tangi is now attracting comments from around the world after footage of the haka was posted to YouTube and Reddit.

Jarom Rihari, who was from Hamilton and was described as a much-loved son, brother, and friend, died on June 29, 2017.

Power Haka Performance

The guy in the middle wearing the light blue shirt made me tear up a bit when he started crying but continued on even though he was trembling. What strength, may the young souls who died rest in paradise.

His death was reportedly a suspected suicide, according to online comments

Friend Perform Powerful Tribute To Fallen Brother

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