Prius Driver Tries To Drive Through Deep Flood — Fails Spectacularly

A Prius owner tried to drive the car through a flooded road at Martinsville Walmart and fails amazingly. Good thing the whole idiotic experiences was caught on video.

We’ve seen countless amazing videos on the Internet about cars that could do the impossible, most climb up steep cliff sides, others drive through deep flood waters like nothing. This is not one of those videos.

This lack-luster video shows a road being blocked by flood waters, a few cars can be seen waiting for rescue or for the water to subside as rain continues to pour down. One of the drivers, who happens to own a Prius, ran out of patience and thought he could drive through the flood himself.

He couldn’t have been more wrong.

Prius Owner Tries To Drive Through Flood

He may have underestimated the flood because just seconds in his daring attempt, his car starts to drift afloat. His car can be seen floating in the flood as the driver tries to steer and move his vehicle.

Eventually, other drivers came in to save the poor Prius owner.

Car Floating

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