Train Conductor Pranks Two Girls Who Found It A Smart Idea To Walk Along The Train Tracks

Yes, walking along train tracks may sound fun and quite hipster-like, but we still have to put in mind that those tracks are used by actual trains. Trains that can actually kill you.

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These two women probably have never seen a train incident video incident on the Internet before since they are seen casually walking along the train tracks. Unbeknownst to them, a train conductor is sneaking behind waiting for the opportune time to launch his prank.

Train Conductor Pranks Two Girls

Now why anyone would not notice a train sneaking up on them is beyond me, but judging by these girl’s life decisions they might not be the brightest bulbs per-say.

With one loud horn, the conductor blasts at the two girls who are obviously surprised and end up running for their lives. Hopefully, this serves as a learning moment for the two young ladies.

Girls Run For Their Lives

At least they both jumped in the right directions.

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