Baby Sees Dad’s Shaved Face For The First Time And He Just Can’t Deal

Poor kid. His fragile, months-old conception of reality and family has just been utterly decimated.



Baby sees his father for the first time without his his bushy beard – after he lost a bet. Luca, 34, from Budapest had gambled with a friend on the outcome of the Champions League places going to Serie A teams for next year’s competition.




Luca’s one-year-old son David had never seen his father clean shaven until he lost the football bet.

He explained: ‘I have been growing my beard for nearly two years and David has only ever known me with my beard. The reason I shaved my beard off was because I’m a massive Inter Milan fan and I lost a bet with my friend. I said if they qualified for the Champions League then I will shave my beard off.’




‘I was not too sure that David would react, but I was very curious to find out. It’s a day later and he is still very cautious and surprised when he sees me. He keeps looking around to see if I’ve taken my beard off and left it somewhere.’

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