This Trained Fish Shows Extreme Intelligence, Performs Tricks And Recognizes Colors And Shapes

Dolphin Quest Oahu shows off a training session with their puffer fish named Manja. Amazingly enough, fish can be trained and are quite intelligent at that!

The video shows the trainer calling out the puffer fish and doing an array of tricks. He was shown a shape and then able to go find the matching shape! He found the bullseye and the dolphin shape. In the other video he was also able to choose the correct black square, proving they can differentiate shape and even colors!

Fish Love The Feeling

In the third video the fish were enjoying a “fish spa” where sand was being sprinkled on their backs. The fish actually appear to enjoy the feeling. The training is incredible and demonstrates that fish can learn and be quite awesome with tricks.

Trained Fish Shows Impressive Intelegence

That was actually awesome.

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