Woman Shaves Her Legs In Busy Hotel Swimming Pool Leaving People Disgusted

I’m sure we’ve all seen things in swimming pools we’d rather not. A little beige plaster peacefully floating by, a discarded pool toy or, perhaps, a mother and young child sheepishly exiting without explanation.

But this recent footage just takes things a little too far. In what was supposed to be a fine, sunny day out in the pool, one woman thought to ruin the entire mood. As the video shows, the woman perches on the edge of the pool, legs in the water and sunglasses on. While just mere foot or two away, children are playing.

Woman Shaves Legs In Pool

It’s pretty hard to mistake what she’s doing for anything else. At first, I thought maybe she’s just scratching her leg or something, but nope, she’s got a razor, she’s scraping it up her leg and then rinsing said razor in the pool as children’s heads bob up and down and in and out of the water.

Woman Shaves Leg In Public Pool

I mean, there’s only so much chlorine can do to keep a pool clean.

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