Dog Caught Apparently Teleporting To Evade Collision With Racers In Bizarre Viral Video

YouTube shelters a plethora of strange videos around the world. This video from Chile shows a dog performing teleportation to avoid being hit by speeding cars on a freeway.

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It appears that the video is free from time lapses and pauses, and it was shot continuously. The video first surfaced on the Internet on January 2015. It was uploaded by a Chilean user named Weas Virales. Since then the video was re-uploaded several times and videos of the frame by frame analysis were made as well.

Teleporting Dog

It is very strange for a dog to perform teleportation. Most videos of alleged teleportations were proven to be fake or edited but the case of the teleporting black dog continues to baffle people around the globe.

Frame By Frame Breakdown Of Teleporting Dog

It the dog really an interdimensional traveler?

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