Man’s Head Gets Crushed By Car In Massive Drunken Brawl During Amber Rose Cookout Party

Shocking footage captured outside a Washington, D.C. nightclub shows a vicious fight broke out before a man plummets into moving traffic and has his head nearly crushed by a car.

The brawl happened during former stripper and American socialite Amber Rose’s cookout party in honor of Memorial Day weekend. The alcohol-fueled fight seemingly occurred between bouncers and a couple of club-goers. It is currently unclear what ignited the brawl.

Bouncers Restrain Man

The video shows one bouncer holding the man by his neck as he attempts to restrain him, while a woman who is with the man in a headlock tries to help him out.

The bouncer and the man are seen hitting each other across the face before the man falls flat onto the slippery sidewalk in the rain. His head gets crushed by a passing car in the process. Security guys quickly rush over to help the man from the ground when they see him fall before the fight ensues on the sidewalk.

Mans Head Gets Crushed By Car

Sirens are heard before long and Amber Rose is spotted strolling up to the scene to enter the building. Rose did appear to have any part in the fiasco.

Amber Rose Enters Country

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