Officer Knocks Motorcycle Rider Over With Cruiser During Memorial Ride Police Chase

Members of a motorcycle club were outraged after one of its own was run off the road by a California Highway Patrol officer, and the biker’s family said it plans to take legal action.

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The camera follows the rider, and the CHP vehicle can be seen hitting the motorcycle in the distance, knocking the rider down. The group immediately begins walking towards the scene as the CHP officer detains the rider.

The group that was stopped at Carnelian Street rushed to the crash, with one of them heard yelling, “You pushed him! You pushed him down!”

Officer Rams Rider Off The Road

At one point, the officer pushes another rider with his hand as the person tries to get access to the fallen motorcycle.

While some people commented on Facebook that the rider should have stopped before the situation escalated, the group said their friend probably was unable to hear the officer because of his helmet.

Officer Pins Rider To The Ground

What did they expect to happen to someone who was running from the police?

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