Furious Woman Threatens To Attack Mother Inside Her Car With A Hammer

A woman threatened a mother with a hammer in front of her baby and three-year-old son, who joined her on the school run. Natalie Connell, 26, claims the woman jumped out of her car at traffic lights at around 8.30am last Friday.

Video footage captures the terrifying moment the woman, who appears to be dressed in her pajamas, opens the door of shocked Natalie Connell’s car and launches into a foul-mouthed tirade shouting ‘I’ll put this f****** hammer over your head’.

The woman apparently jumped out of her car at the traffic lights at around after getting angry when the mother merged into a lane in front of her.

She can then be seen wrenching open the door shouting ‘who are you laughing at? Don’t f****** laugh at me. You’ve just near crashed into me’

Angry Woman Threatens Mother

The mum said her three-year-old son has struggled to sleep since the confrontation. She’s since reported the woman to police.

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