Driver Crushed By A 25tonne Shipping Container After Truck Spun Out Of Control And Toppled Onto His Car

A young motorist miraculously survived being crushed by a 25-tonne container when a drunk truck driver took a corner too fast. Voravut was driving home on Sunday afternoon when the 18-wheel truck lost control at a junction on the other side of the road in Bangkok.





The truck spun out of control and toppled sideways on top of his Toyota Fortuner with its 40ft load of soya beans flattening the car with him inside. The 30-year-old was cut free from the wreckage after three hours and rushed to hospital where he laughed off the crash. Giving a thumbs up from his hospital bed, Voravut said he survived because he saw the tumbling truck and lay sideways in a brace position on the driver’s arm rest.

Driver Crushed By A 25tonne Shipping Container


‘When I saw the trailer coming towards me, I braked, but the truck just turned so quickly,’ he said. ‘The container was falling in front of my car. I turned myself to the left and put my head on an armrest. ‘I just saw how my car looked this morning. Everybody said I shouldn’t have survived. ‘I think I made it because I’ve received training on how to protect myself while being in an accident and because I didn’t lose control. If I hadn’t turned to the other side I would’ve gotten hurt more.’

Driver Crushed By A 25tonne Shipping Container After Truck Spun Out Of Control


Truck driver Narong Wongpen, 33, told police he braked sharply to avoid an overtaking motorcycle but the truck ‘locked’ and fell onto its side. He later pleaded guilty to drink driving and a court fined him 6,000 baht (£140) and suspended his driving license for six months.



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