Shocking video shows man throwing hot coffee on McDonald’s manager

A man was caught on camera throwing scalding hot coffee on a McDonald’s manager. According to police, a man entered the McDonald’s in Lacey, Washington, just before 6am on Friday, and ordered a cup of coffee.





However he became upset about the price of the beverage which cost 97 cents. The manager told police that after he got his coffee, he poured it into a Thermos and demanded a refill. He was complaining that he hadn’t gotten a senior discount on the 97 cent beverage and got verbally abusive.



The manager gave him the requested refill and asked him to leave. He then threw the cup of coffee in the manager’s face before running out of the restaurant. Surveillance video captured the whole interaction. The manager is being treated for second and third degree burns to her face and neck, and the manhunt is on for her attacker.



Lacey police sergeant Dave Campbell told KIRO-TV that he will be found, and brought to justice. He said: ‘Right now we’re looking at assault charges depending on the seriousness of the burns.’



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