Former cop wakes up to find drunk neighbor in his bed wearing nothing but his underpants

A drunk man with poor directional sense was arrested in his underwear on Friday night, after choosing to sleep in someone else’s bed. Sangyul Jo, 34, was just three buildings away from home in Georgia when he decided to enter a home nearby instead and tuck himself into bed, The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported.



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Jo walked through the unlocked door, politely took his shoes off, left his clothes on the couch and burrowed under the covers, where he passed out completely missing the man who was already in the bed. Former local policeman and army veteran Peter Brownlowe, said he could smell alcohol when Jo climbed in to bed with him, and could not be woken.



‘He came in the bed and was actually laying in the bed with me,’ he said. ‘So I got up and came around and said, ‘Hey, what are you doing?” Jo, perhaps too comfortable to move, did not respond or regain consciousness until he was in handcuffs.



The 34-year-old was heard telling police ‘it’s okay’ when they asked him what was going on and how much he’d had to drink. ‘No it’s not OK,’ the policeman said. ‘Not when you’re in somebody else’s apartment!’ Jo was charged with public drunkenness and disorderly conduct. He was taken to Gwinnett County jail but later released on bond.



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