Buffalo Sends Lion Somersaulting Into The Air To Save Lizard

Incredible footage shows the moment a buffalo saves a lizard from being eaten by lions, sending one flying through the air with a head butt. The fascinatingly heroic scene unfolded at Kruger National Park in south Africa in front of an enthralled audience of tourists.





The video starts off as a group of young lions grapple over a monitor lizard on the dry plain.,We see one lion cub getting a hold of the lizard in its mouth before parting from the rest of the pack, setting it to down seemingly to eat it beside the long grass, shortly followed by another cub.



We then see a buffalo come into view and charge at the lion holding the lizard before stamping on its back and headbutting it, sending it somersaulting through the air and forcing it to release its wounded prey.



The buffalo then stands over the bleeding lizard, seemingly to protect it from the rest of the pack. Sune Eloff, 32, was one of the lucky onlookers who witnessed the extraordinary scene.



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