Wrestler Sets Himself On Fire, Misses A Top Rope Dive And Continues To Burn!

A wrestler named James “Idol” Martinez decided to pour gasoline and then lit himself on fire before doing a dive off the top rope onto wrestlers at ringside. The wrestlers did not catch him because they were shocked at what they saw.


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There are a lot of wrestlers in the Philippines trying to make a name for themselves because wrestling is not as big there like it is in other countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico and Japan. Unfortunately, this leads to poorly trained wrestlers doing things like this.




A Reddit user named TranquiloBro says Martinez has caused problems for the promotion in the past and he got them banned from the same venue a couple of years ago because he jumped from the second floor. As you can see above, the referee was shocked at what he was seeing because the fire was not planned.

Martinez purposely set his body on fire before attempting to hit a crossbody on his opponents. Not only does Martinez miss the dive, but the flames continue to burn his skin afterward. His opponents rush over to fight the fire, but the wrestler instead runs to the backstage area where he eventually gets it put out.




In a statement on Facebook, the promotion announced that Martinez would be suspended.

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